Scarlet Scarves

Scarlet Scarves

The scarf as a fashion accessory has been gaining lots of newfound fame, gracing the necks of celebrities and trendsetters across the world. Scarlet Scarves taps into this exciting trend by applying a lucrative home party sales model to a beautiful collection of scarves, accessories, brooches and more. Offering both warm and lightweight styles of scarves, the company provides a fun and unique catalog of products that are popular all year round, making independent consultant positions with Scarlet Scarves a very attractive proposition for entrepreneurs looking for a product that “sells itself.”

Ground Floor Greatness

A product not typically seen in the home party sales industry, Scarlet Scarves’ namesake products are excellent on their own or sold alongside another type of accessory, giving the product line lots of sales versatility. In addition, as a relatively new direct sales company, Scarlet Scarves is an excellent way for new sales representatives to hone their skills; without crowded territories and heavy market saturation, parties receive a lot more attention and interest from potential customers.

A Scarf For Every Woman

Scarves, like most specialized accessories, are very personal belongings and are typically carefully chosen to appeal to and match with the fashion sense of a wearer. Thankfully, Scarlet Scarves offers solid, printed and patterned styles that effortlessly bump up the style factor of anything from jeans and a blouse to a little black dress. The company keeps pace with the ever-changing tides of fashion as well, constantly updating and refreshing their catalog of products to keep customers engaged and eager to buy the latest style. Beyond their base scarves, accessories like charms and slides add additional value and variety, turning a single look into several. The company offers both flat regular scarves as well as looped “infinity” style scarves for a chic modern look, ensuring a polished look with any outfit.

Charity Is Always In Fashion

One of Scarlet Scarves’ two founders, Beth Frazier, is a breast cancer survivor. Her successful fight inspired her to direct $5 of every charity item sold to the support and continuing research in the fight against cancer. The company’s charity line uses bright, bold colors and support ribbon icons to spread awareness while actively helping to end breast cancer and childhood cancer for good. The scarves and head wraps found throughout the catalog also make thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones undergoing chemotherapy, providing both a self esteem boost and comfortable warmth.

Earning in Style

With affordable individual product pricing, representatives enjoy a better chance at enticing party attendees, in turn earning more commissions for their efforts. Scarlet Scarves allows motivated representatives to build their own business as well, bringing in and training new representatives to add to their team and downline commissions. The simple setup, low cost starter kit and “ground floor” status of Scarlet Scarves means that there’s a lot of income and a rewarding sales career to be found with the company as a representative. Start building your Scarlet Scarves business as an independent consultant today.


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Scarlet Scarves FAQ

What is Scarlet Scarves?

Scarlet Scarves is a direct sales company offering scarves, scarf charms, accessories and brooches through independent consultants and hostess-held home parties. The company is both female-owned and founded, and donates a portion of sales proceeds from specific lines to charities that fight life-threatening illnesses such as childhood cancer and breast cancer.

How Much are Products from Scarlet Scarves?

Products from Scarlet Scarves vary in price from the $14-$20 range for scarf charms and accessories to the $20-$30 range for the scarves themselves. The company also offers a "Scarf of the Month" club where customers can pay a $26.95 fee per month to receive a new surprise scarf, one month before it debuts on the company site.

Where Can I Buy Scarlet Scarves?

Scarlet Scarves products can be purchased through independent consultants, who in turn work with hostesses to hold Scarlet Scarves parties. Local consultants can be located via the company website. The website also features signature products for sale and offers information to individuals that wish to become Scarlet Scarves representatives or party hostesses.

Products Sold:

scarves, head wraps

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